2015-2016 Standardized Test Scores

2015 Standardized Test Scores Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke School Our students take the following standardized tests: Stanford 10 This multiple choice test is taken every Spring by all students in grades 3 through 8. The Tenth Edition of the Stanford Achievement Test is given to all students in grades 3 through 8 every Spring.  It measures students’ performance in reading, language arts, mathematics, spelling, science and social science.  All of the items on the Stanford 10 evaluate either Basic Understanding or Thinking Skills.  Scores on the Stanford 10 are calculated using national norms.  This means that students’ scores are compared to the scores of all students nationally who took the same exam.  The national average is the 50th percentile.

Standardized Test Scores 2015-2016


This test was taken in the Fall by all students in grade 8 and in the Spring by all students in grade 5. The ACRE Exam measures students’ knowledge about the Catholic faith, beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and practices.  Scores on this test are determined by what percentile the students place into compared to Catholic school peers on the same level of the exam.  Fifth graders take the Level 1 exam and eighth and ninth graders take the Level 2 exam.  Scores below the 64th percentile suggest improvement needed, scores between 64th and 86th percentile reflect proficiency, and scores above the 86th percentile indicate advanced knowledge.   ** Standardized test scores are not the only measure of a school’s quality.  These tests are designed to assess an individual student’s performance compared to all students nationally.  They do not compare a school’s quality to other schools.  Many factors should affect your decision about which school your child should attend, including: educational philosophy, curriculum quality, teacher credentials, location, cost, availability of resources, discipline policy, opportunities for parental involvement and communications.