Arts & Music


All students at are engaged in a comprehensive art program.  PreK students and kindergarten students have art in their classroom with their homeroom teacher.  All other students in grades 1-8  are in a program providing exposure to a variety of artistic methods, materials and artists.  The wall near the office is our Art Gallery.  There you can see a variety of student work from all grade levels.  Take a stroll by the Gallery!  You will enjoy our budding artists and their beautiful art work.


Students in grades PreK-8 participate in weekly Music class. Our music education philosophy is based on music and movement using methods of Kodaly music education. In the music classroom there is not much time for sitting. Through solfege, students learn songs and how to match pitch. We study the rich history of music from the Baroque and Classical eras up to present day which is known as the Modern music era.  We also explore the world of orff instruments, bucket drumming, and string instruments: Ukulele and Guitar.  In addition, we focus on Liturgical music that expresses our Catholic faith.  Students are given the opportunity to share their gift of music and participate in our school Masses.