Faculty & Staff

It is the ministry of Catholic educators to embody their faith in everything they do.  Our faulty and staff model and teach our students how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a solid foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship.  Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Sister Irene Pryle, S.S.N.D.Principal[email protected]


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Mrs. Stephanie VoganPre-K 4 Teacher
Pre-K Director
[email protected]
Ms. Jillian VoganPre-K 3 Teacher
[email protected]
Ms. Raven Clark Pre-K Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Amy Harris Pre-K Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Jaime Heckner
Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Amy Cote
Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Sylvia Wass Kindergarten Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Brenda Harbert Grade 1 Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Karen Adolfo-Vida Grade 1 Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Janet Myers Grade 2 Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Jean Price Grade 3 Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Gabrielle Burton Grade 4 Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Rachel Gerb Grade 5 Teacher  [email protected]
Mrs.Taylar Powis Grade 6 Teacher[email protected]
Ms. Jodi Yelenchak
Grade 7 Teacher [email protected]
Sister Joan Pikiell, S.S.N.D.
Grade 8 Teacher [email protected]
Mrs.Loreta Bradunas
Middle School [email protected]
Ms.Ginny Gue Middle School [email protected]
Mrs. Katelynn Kelley  Grade 2/3 assistant [email protected]
Ms. Karla Urbina
Spanish Teacher
[email protected]
Mrs. Taylar Powis Music Education
Library/Media Education
[email protected]
Mr. Roger Tennant Physical Education [email protected]
Mrs. Cathy Newman Art Education [email protected]

Support Staff

Mrs. Connie Beam
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
Mrs. Alma Lukanich Business Manager [email protected]
Mr. Bart Myers Technical Advisor [email protected]
Ms. Kate Dannals Counselor [email protected]
Mrs. Linda Kafka, R.N.,B.S.N Nurse [email protected]
Mr. Gary Hans Facilities/Maitenance 
Mrs. Candy Richardson
Food Service Manager [email protected]