School Board

The OLH/SL School Board provides guidance to the school administration in the areas of Catholic Identity, Finance, Facilities, Marketing, and Development and establishes policy in collaboration with the Archdiocesan Superintendent. The board meets 5 times a year in September, November, January, March and June while committees of the board meet as needed in between.

 2023-2024 School Board Members:

 Dr. Hollie Brannon 
 Bonnie Kellner 
 Caroline Kogler 
 Eric Oppel 
 Greg Remeikis , VP / Treasurer.
 Michael Remeikis
 Heather Straka 
 J.D. Urbach , President.
  Alma Wills 
 Joan Caskey 
 Cheryl Whittaker 
 Karen DiPasquale 
 Donna Naylor 
 John Brummet 
 Christine Hollens, SFA Liason
 Rev. Kevin Mueller [email protected], Canonical Rep.
 Sister Irene Pryle [email protected], Principal.